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Our beautiful concept of One Tribe / One Journey still continues and this year our slogan is: Real Connection!

We will explore the core of what it means to be a human being right now. How do we use the body we have been given in the most beautiful way? What makes your life worth living and your Heart beat stronger?

It is time to step up and be present. Time to really connect with yourself and others. A great time to be Alive!

Our team of experienced facilitators will hold a safe and loving space that will allow you to go deep into Tantra, Dance & Shamanism

We have created a beautiful programme with a lot of variety where we allow the eksperience to build up from workshop to workshop, moving together as a tribe.

Here is a simple system for you to get a feel for the amount of intensity you are likely to eksperience in the specific workshop.

– chill    – medium   – intense

But of course, you are in charge of your own eksperience, and if you feel the need to rest by our beautiful lake you are free to do so.

Download the full programme here