Shamanistic Trance Dance w/drums

Petra Kaya & Kian Sanai

Ancient trance dance ritual and tantric bodywork.

The participants drum and dance together in a circle and are connected through their hearts. The dance is an invitation to express intuitively everything what comes up in the body, doesn’t matter if it is wild or soft, loud or silent, fast or slow.
It`s not only a way to discover the unique true life force inside of everyone, but also a way to be in contact with your inner voice and wisdom, to trust your intuition and guidance by your own inner truth.

It is an amazing heart space where people really let go and allow the life force to freely express itself!

Please bring your drum (if you have one) and a bottle of water to this workshop.

This workshop offers the possibility of strong healing and shamanistic trance process work and has a high degree of intensity.