Sound Bath

Stefan Backas

A sound bath is an opportunity for you to deeply relax and detach from the outer world for a moment and let the sacred sounds from singing bowls, drums and gongs tune you back into your natural frequency.

If you suffer from stress and anxiety then these sounds will help you to relax and lay all your burdens aside for a while so that you can feel the ease of just being present in the moment. If you want to dive deep inside of your self, your consciousness, beyond thoughts and mental noise and discover more of your True Self, then these sounds can help you get into a deep meditative state by brainwave entrainment.

Sound affects us on different levels, both physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Common effects from sound baths are; reduced stress levels and decreased blood pressure levels and a greater ability to expand your consciousness and inner peace. You will also most likely feel more balanced and focused afterwards.

Through my sound baths I want to offer a harmonic atmosphere that promotes the healing processes you are going through in order to grow and evolve into a new, more harmonious and balanced version of yourself. And by allowing ourselves to change for the better, we are also allowing the world to do the same.

The sound bath lasts for about an hour, but we will reserve about two hours so that there is enough time to unwind in the beginning and to wake up to this version of reality in the end. The participants will lay on the floor so please bring your own yoga mat, comfortable clothes and blankets if you prefer. A bottle of water is also good to bring along.