dagmara enigma

Haka Dance

Dagmara Enigma


Masculine & Feminine aspects of Haka

Haka for women & Haka for men

We will use Haka as a tool to discover where and how is your masculine / feminine energy. It helps to understand the range of patterns related to this energy. How is your movement, how is your voice, what is your perception about your self and others? Can you feel and discover something new within you? Transformation of dogmas related to both energies.


Haka for men & women

The Meeting of Women and Men – both the feminine and the masculine energy. We meet after separate work with Haka. We meet both aspects. Connect them. You will get the chance to meet the masculine and feminine in a different way. Face it. Feel it. Feel what it moves in you. What it touches in you?. Where do you resist to be touched? Observe your body, your feelings, your mind. How do you feel to show and to see the different expression. Express, and ultimately, free your self.