Ecstatic Dance

Emma Fogelholm


Dancing ecstatically is as old as humankind is. The old greeks gave the phenomenon its name: ecstatic comes from the greek words ‘ex’ and ‘stasis’, which signify a movement ‘out’ of that which is ‘static’. The Ecstatic Dance is a journey in a river of sound… supporting us when we move to explore the world outside our personal ‘stasis’.

We listen in and the body takes the lead. Our lives so often ask our minds to lead us. During the Ecstatic Dance we create a safe space together to support our individual diving into the rhythm, the moment, the pure beating upon the raw seconds of life. A human animal spends so much time tethered to the rational, that it can be deeply satisfying and healing to allow the Wild inside to hang loose and play. Ecstatic Dance offers a container of allowance and joy, created together with others.

Fellow traveler, in a body on a planet…. in the longing, the loving, the suffering, the sensual, the sordid, the survival, the renewal… the human predicament. Let us celebrate it all and create expressions of what it is to be alive!! Welcome!

Strong energies can happen