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The Sacred Earth Festival is a substance free event

Duration: The Festival officially opens on Wednesday July the 19th at 5pm and ends on Sunday July the 23th at 5pm. You can arrive already from Wednesday at 1pm to put up your tent.

Tickets: Get your ticket now by clicking the red button to the right!

Accommodation: In your own tent (bring your own sleeping gear) – no extra cost. Different accommodation options available during ticket purchase!

Food: Delicious vegan food straight from the Dragon Temple Gardens!

Washing: Cold showers and sauna. Pure spring lake nearby for swimming!

Bring: Loose clothes, 2 towels, sarong, sleeping gear, water bottle, drum(optional).

Don’t bring: Pets, alcohol, drugs.

Location: Map

How to get here: 1 hour car drive from Helsinki or Turku. Nearest train station is Karjaa with connections straight from Helsinki Airport (1.5h). Pick up can be arranged at a small cost. Offer and receive rides in the facebook event.


We are located in Solbacka Intentional Community in the south of Finland in the middle of amazing wild nature. A secret valley with plenty of sun and a pure spring lake in the protected forest just up the mountain nearby. The Solbacka Intentional Community is dedicated to the Circle as a means of sharing and communicating. There is a mix of therapists, artists and builders living here.

About The Dragon Temple

The Dragon Temple is a transformational space in southern Finland dedicated to supporting a grounded alignment with Love & Light. This is truly a Sacred space to hold circles of Love, healing, playfulness, shadow work and passion, and we are excited to co-create this temple with you as an experiment of heart awareness and presence in life.

An old dream of ours is coming true in a beautiful way. Petra Kaya has learned a lot about being a space holder and facilitating ceremonies. Charlie has been collecting a lot of natural building skills and materials, and together we are manifesting this amazing space.

Using natural materials almost exclusively, we try to stretch the boundaries between the possible and the impossible, between healthy building tradition and pure magic. If you feel the calling, you are welcome to partake in the on-going creation of The Dragon Temple – both in the energetic and physical level.

Follow the creation of the Dragon Temple here