. Frequently asked questions .

I am curious about Tantra. What does it mean to you?

For us, Tantra is all about allowing and embracing this Moment and what is real. To drop the goals of the mind and be like a curious child – what do I want to do right now? How does that feel? Good? Or bad? In Life we collect experiences to make it possible for us to grow as human beings.

We work a lot from the Heart space and not so much from the mental space. Of course we draw upon strong ancient practices – well proven by the seekers who came before us. But the main focus will always be your own connection to Spirit and Mother Earth. To the Heart of All.


Is the festival safe?

When you enter the field of self exploration and encounters with others there is always the possibility that you might experience something that will challenge you. This is not necessarily bad! But it is your call how much you want to challenge yourself.

It is the job of our experienced facilitators to create a safe space for you to freely explore and to offer support when needed. It is your job to listen to your own borders and only do what feels right to you!


What about nudity and sexual expression?

You are likely to experience some nudity at the festival but you don’t have to be naked. You decide.

The freedom to express yourself from your heart and really be you is important to us. We believe in removing the barriers that limit us to behaving in certain ways and that make us judge other behaviors as bad.

We promote an all-inclusive space for all genders and sexual orientations. A space to relax, enjoy and simply be you!


How many people will be at the festival?

To keep our festival as a truly intimate and relaxing experience we only allow 50 participants into the family.


Is the festival open for children?

This year we haven’t planned any children activities and most workshops are not suitable for children. You can bring your child if you have a person to take care of the child at all times. Please ask for details on pricing.