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Please read about our amazing facilitators below. You can click on the workshop links under the pictures. As the festival comes closer we will continue to update the information!

Petra Kaya has worked as a professional massage therapist for the last 20 years, giving sessions and facilitating workshops and trainings in many countries. She has developed her own approach to tantric massage, combining shamanism and tantra. Petra has a natural, animistic approach to life and she dances her unique massage using body-to-body techniques with a high degree of integrity and intimacy.
She is passionate about understanding how life energy works. Sacred sexuality and embodied spirituality, the inner and outer world of equal importance.
As a space holder she is playful and can create a joyful atmosphere.
She is a co-founder of Solbacka intentional community in Finland where she lives and learns about community building. Using the circle and other tools as a way of relating, communicating, and learning skills how to navigate our shadow spaces.


Noora Steenvoorden is a born dancer, mother and wonder junkie embodying a full spectrum of life and transforming it into conscious living and movement. She creates sacred, safe and fully supported spaces to allow potential transformation to take place. Her bodywork and teaching is complete surrender to what is. A conscious spiritual path has always been her choice.

As a tantrica and spiritual nomad her playground is vast and everyone on the quest for the truth in themselves is on the same arena. Her capacity is to sense the essence of things and apply information from the seen and unseen to benefit our journey deeper into ourselves.

She is a Steiner pedagogue, an intuitive artist and a textile designer and has been bringing out the essence of women with her unique (hand painted) clothing line (Saaga) of natural materials for over a decade.


Dagmara Enigma
Teacher and therapist for Kahuna Bodywork- Hawaiian Bodywork Lomi Lomi Nui Massage
Instructor for Hawaiian Hula Dance
Cranio Sacral Therapy Basic
Soul Voice, Primal Power (Body & Voice) self development and awareness training instructor
Life Impression Bodywork
Reiki Master (Usui)
Physical Theater Movement & Voice Teacher (after Grotowski)

More about Dagmara

Charlie Jespergaard is approved by Anand Rudra as facilitator of Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga and his passion is to guide people to a space where they can truly feel Life Force Energy inside their own bodies. He also loves to create sacred spaces using natural building techniques. He is the co-founder of Sacred Earth Festival and the creator of The Dragon Temple and also a co-founder of Solbacka Intentional Community in Finland.

More about Charlie

I was born in Denmark and gifted with an extraordinary sense to feel my surroundings. This deep connection lead me to live in the Finnish forest, in a self-created home, with my 3 kids and wife.
My life work is to travel around the world, devoting myself to help all beings in their life path. I serve with my presence and empathic abilities to release the sufferings and attachments that are not needed anymore.
We are here to embrace our life experience. Like the involuntary breathing, we do not choose what comes with it, but we get to choose what we do with it. You can decide to give the breath back to the nature and experience the world.
Kian Sanai is the founder of the Art of Sacred Embodiment and the co-founder of Solbacka Intentional Community.


Igor Earthchild is an artist of touch. He has blended techniques from Thailand with traditions from tantra. The massage awakens the divine from within. This touch opens the temple and shows the access to endless opportunities to grow and become the best self. The main teaching is self-love. I’ll show you how to rise in love with yourself. This will free you from all the troubles. Your life becomes a fairytale where everything is possible and every emotion has a sweet taste. Why do waste time on worries if there is heaven waiting for you outside.

Igor Earthchild teaches tantra and relationships in Estonia, Russia, USA and Thailand. His main topics are awareness, magic of touch, healthy relationships, love lounge,  playfulness, connecting with inner child and releasing emotions. Igor is  a professional tantra massage therapist and sex coach, teaching and practicing massage in different countries around the world. His biggest passion is to open up women’s heart and reach their full potential in life. He helps women to overcome their fears and blockages that are holding them back from living fully and happily. Tantra has been the best source of information for his clients to reach their full capacity and success. Find out more about Igor Earthchild here:  www.learn2touch.com/introduction/

Bella Laurfeld

Bella Laurfeld, Estonia

Love Lounge 

Bella Laurfeld is a manifestation of unconditional love and compassion. She has great heart to hold space for people in their process or need. Bella teaches women how to be loving and caring for others. Her dedication is a great example to our world on how to be present and kind with people. 

Bella is a professional massage therapist with years of experience in ayurveda and homeopathy. She is dedicated to work with people who need to pay attention to their health and wellbeing in general. Bella has raised three kids which has given her confidence and willpower to cope with stress and challenges in any sort of situation. She is giving massage sessions in Helsinki and together with Igor she is organising seminars for couples and massage retreats in Europe and Asia. Bella has been studying homeopathy and ayurveda, she is licensed massage therapist. Find out more about Bella Laurfeld here: www.learn2touch.com/introduction/

Victoria Kovalenko

Victoria Kovalenko, Ukraine

Embrace your Grace

Nature Immersions, Yoga, Dance, Contact Improvisation, Community Art & Healing Traditions of India and Peruvian Amazon are the main elements of her life research. ​

She is being inspired to go beyond known, to expand and explore new dimensions of Existence, embracing all aspects of being human with deep Gratitude, Curiosity and Grace.​ ​

Deeply honouring sacredness of all life and innate beauty in each unique individual, Victoria co-creates safe spaces to support and empower personal and community growth, awakenings and transformations.


Insanely lovely cook!

Lasse (aka Rastachef or Bob Lounasman) will make sure that we are well nourished with his tasty vegan food throughout the festival. He will even find time to run the Festival Cafe with delicious raw cakes. Such an amazing upgrade for us all to enjoy! Be sure to pre-order your festival food pass when you buy your festival ticket as that will ensure that you get a nice discount!