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Please read about our amazing facilitators below. You can click on the workshop links under the pictures. As the festival comes closer we will continue to update the list! Because of the corona virus there might still be some changes to the programme.


Cacao Ceremony


“Vaskilintu” is the artist name of Magdalena Sofia, vocalist, nature mystic and ritualist. She is inspired by the healing therapeutic aspects of ceremonial music, and the power of music that affects the emotional landscapes of the human psyche and trans-cultural sounds. Vaskilintu brings forth myths and the archaic root touch to her singing that resonates and lingers within.

Magdalenas work has foundation in intersectionality and earth-based practises. Decolonizing, and reclaiming dynamical ways ancetral traditions are at the core of her focus. Balanced grounded, naturalistic forms of nature based spirituality, that uses of activisms as a key to defend and restore our ecosystems.


Music video


Petra Kaya has worked as a professional massage therapist for the last 20 years, giving sessions and facilitating workshops and trainings in many countries. She has developed her own approach to tantric massage, combining shamanism and tantra. Petra has a natural, animistic approach to life and she dances her unique massage using body-to-body techniques with a high degree of integrity and intimacy.
She is passionate about understanding how life energy works. Sacred sexuality and embodied spirituality, the inner and outer world of equal importance.
As a space holder she is playful and can create a joyful atmosphere.
She is a co-founder of Solbacka intentional community in Finland where she lives and learns about community building. Using the circle and other tools as a way of relating, communicating, and learning skills how to navigate our shadow spaces.


Noora Steenvoorden is a born dancer, mother and wonder junkie embodying a full spectrum of life and transforming it into conscious living and movement. She creates sacred, safe and fully supported spaces to allow potential transformation to take place. Her bodywork and teaching is complete surrender to what is. A conscious spiritual path has always been her choice.

As a tantrica and spiritual nomad her playground is vast and everyone on the quest for the truth in themselves is on the same arena. Her capacity is to sense the essence of things and apply information from the seen and unseen to benefit our journey deeper into ourselves.

She is a Steiner pedagog, an intuitive artist and a textile designer and has been bringing out the essence of women with her unique (hand painted) clothing line (Saaga) of natural materials for over a decade.


Emma Fogelholm is a limitless dancer. She cannot help embodying the spirit of letting go on any dance floor she visits or moderates, bringing joy and play and contact in her wake. This is how she describes her relationship to dance:

The dance floor has been my safest space. It is the place where I’ve explored who I could expand to be – before I dare do it out in the real world. It’s a human laboratory. Being human – in a body, on a planet – is a sordid affair sometimes. Artists describe that in their art: the anguish, the humor, the longing, the loving, the sex, the infatuation, the disappointment, the fear, the courage, the survival, the renewal, the birth, the death… The human predicament. To me we are doing the same on the dance floor. Creating expressions of what it is to be human.

The dance floor is also a meeting place. Many of the most beautiful meetings I have had there were with myself. It’s a place where I say my prayers to Existence. Where i connect the dots of my own personal journey, in this flow called life. At best, the dance floor offers me a river to kneel down by and on its banks meet another from the core of who I am.

Dagmara Saarinen

Power of Movement

Dagmara Saarinen
Teacher and therapist for Kahuna Bodywork- Hawaiian Bodywork Lomi Lomi Nui Massage
Instructor for Hawaiian Hula Dance
Cranio Sacral Therapy Basic
Soul Voice, Primal Power (Body & Voice) self development and awareness training instructor
Life Impression Bodywork
Reiki Master (Usui)
Physical Theater Movement & Voice Teacher (after Grotowski)

Charlie Jespergaard

Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga

Charlie Jespergaard is approved by Anand Rudra as facilitator of Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga and his passion is to create sacred spaces using natural building techniques. He is the co-founder of Sacred Earth Festival and the creator of The Dragon Temple and also a co-founder of Solbacka Intentional Community in Finland.

More about Charlie

Marina Kronkvist

Ritual Play

The Art of Receiving – 

I love evolving mine and other’s capacity, competency, willingness and desire to engage in meaningful, mutually empowering, loving, full spectrum dynamics.

Ritual Play is an interactive session format & workshop I created in 2012 and have developed since. Through Ritual Play, Consent, Eros Coaching and Entrepreneurial money coaching, I assist lovers and change-makers in cultivating their own unique contribution to the more beautiful relations our hearts know are co-creatable.

In 2007 I published my book ‘Hon som fick veta’ (She Know). I wanted it to be a book for children, instead it became a book written by a child. In the story, a little girl knows that her parents will die soon. Accepting that she knows intensifies life and time. The story is also my story, it is about the gifts and pains I have integrated from the experience of death in my family at a very early age. Loving Play is the gift.

I’m a co-founder of the Solbacka eco-village in South of Finland where I (part-time) live, love and learn with my two children and the rest of the community.


Stefan Backas

Sound Bath

Stefan Backas is a sound therapist and sound artist who uses sound as the primary means of helping people expand their awareness and open up to a bigger, more holistic and inclusive perspective of life.

A new level of consciousness is asked for in order for humanity to awaken from the dream of lack and separation. With his healing sounds and meditative soundscapes, Stefan is aiming to open our minds and breaking through our conditioning and our false selves so that we may allow the unconditional love, peace and harmony inherent in creation to emerge from within.


Kian Sanai, Denmark

Shamanistic Trance Dance

I was born in Denmark and gifted with an extraordinary sense to feel my surroundings. This deep connection lead me to live in the Finnish forest, in a self-created home, with my 3 kids and wife.
My life work is to travel around the world, devoting myself to help all beings in their life path. I serve with my presence and empathic abilities to release the sufferings and attachments that are not needed anymore.
We are here to embrace our life experience. Like the involuntary breathing, we do not choose what comes with it, but we get to choose what we do with it. You can decide to give the breath back to the nature and experience the world.
Kian Sanai is the founder of the Art of Sacred Embodiment and the co-founder of Solbacka Intentional Community.



Insanely lovely cook!

Lasse (aka Rastachef or Bob Lounasman) will make sure that we are well nourished with his tasty vegan food throughout the festival. He will even find time to run the Festival Cafe with delicious raw cakes and smoothies. So an amazing upgrade for us all to enjoy! Be sure to pre-order your festival food pass when you buy your festival ticket as that will ensure that you get a nice discount!